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Cat's Cradle Welcomes Lost Element - August 30

By: Ike Riddick

With so much diversity in today's music scene and with evolving "genre" labels being attributed to bands almost daily, is it any wonder that bands sometime struggle to find their identity? Lost Element could easily be the poster band for multiple genre labels being assigned to them. Their musical style has been referred to as Alternative Pop, New Wave, Indie Rock, and Pop Rock just to mention a few. But make no mistake about it, Lost Element knows exactly who they are and always deliver a high-energy live performance leaving their patrons wanting more.

Recently I caught up with drummer and backing vocalist Brian Barrett for a few questions as the band prepares to invade Chapel Hill in support of a new album, Stereo Dream, produced by Bryce Bordone and Serban Ghenea from Mixstar Studios in Virginia Beach.

rMIA: I am always intrigued with the process by which bandís derive their names and the significance of their chosen namesakes. How did you guys come up with Lost Element and does it have any hidden meaning?

BB: We came up with our name quite a long time ago. What the name means to us is that everyone has some sort of element they have lost touch with during their lifetime. Whether it is their youthfulness, their sense of humor, or simply their will to enjoy life. We want our name to symbolize regaining your elements that you might have lost touch with along the way. For us it's always playing music and staying youthful. Enjoy what you do in life, it's a precious commodity.

rMIA: Having read your bio, your father played the drums and you started in the 5th grade upon rescuing his old drum kit from the attic. What other musicians have had an influence and helped in developing your style of playing?

BB: LOL yes, I did drag out his 1969 Ludwig kit and start banging around on it. Although I did not get serious about playing until I was 16. I would have to say John Bonham is probably my favorite drummer, but Travis Barker also had a big influence on me. Maybe not so much on his style of playing, but much like any other kid my age, he was the reason why I wanted to play drums.

rMIA: Currently on the road touring in support of a new album, Stereo Dream, what is the typical day like on the road with Lost Element?

BB: A typical day on the road is us eating peanut butter sandwiches and waiting around for our RV to be fixed. LOL, all joking aside, we really have a great time on the road. We really try and take advantage of social media opportunities and photo ops in the cool places we travel. We don't see touring as an opportunity to party, but rather as an opportunity to travel and build careers for ourselves. Most of this includes setting up, sound checking and waiting around to play. The 45 minutes we are on stage is by far the best part of the day for us.

rMIA: Right now if you had access to your personal music library, what song or artist would you be queuing up to listen to?

BB: I would say as a band we listen to quite an array of music. Right now we have been really into Chvrches, Ghost Beach, The Griswolds, Joywave, Magic Man, Panama Wedding, and Racing Glaciers. But we also always love jamming out to U2, Blue October, The Eagles and other classics.

rMIA: I really appreciate your time and look forward to catching you guys live on Sunday evening, August 30 at the Catís Cradle in Chapel Hill. In just a few words, how would you describe Lost Element live in concert?

BB: We are truly passionate about the music we write and what better way to show that passion than to play it live. We leave everything on the stage. We all leave looking like we jumped into a swimming pool. I will leave it at that.

Lost Element is:

Omar Lopez - Lead Vocals, Guitar, Bass
Trace Sisson - Guitar, Backup Vocals
Brian Barrett - Drums, Percussion, Backup Vocals
Frank Vasquez - Guitar, Keyboard, Backup Vocals
Kenny Conlon - Bass

For more information on Lost Element, please visit: http://www.lostelement.com/

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